lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Finally found ya!

Today I spoke to a 47 years-old puertorriqueñan yogi as I practiced runned in the park.

Funny experience though. The 30 minutes chat we had along the small running road was very peculiar.

We discussed about religion, which is, byt the way, a subject that I keep for myself in occasions like this.

You are a spirit being having a human experience – he said, as I jogged.

Reincarnation, Church’s power, God, meditation, the pursue of happiness, Buda and a large list of etcetera were some of the subjects that we brought up in the short period I got to meet him.

Since Friday extraordinary events have occurred.

The most interesting of them all was my discovery. Finally, I have found God.

As crazy as this might seem, is truth. The best part of if is that God is not in the places I have been seeking my entire life.

He is way nearer that I could have ever imagined. My own body, as dirty as it is full of sins, has sheltered God since I was born. The spot? Right on my left shoulder, the black lunar.

I require time to think. To talk to my lunar (thanks God not so many people read this Blog).


"Winning OnlyTakes Place when we are not afraid to change"